Midlands Motorway Hub

The British economy depends on a resilient, reliable Midlands Motorway Hub, but congestion is costing the region billions of pounds every year.

Motorists driving from Bristol to Newcastle, London to Manchester or Southampton to Liverpool often use at least two of the M5, M6, M6 Toll and M42 to skirt around Birmingham. Alongside them, 1 in 4 drivers are making short trips of just a junction or two. We have collaborated with Highways England on a Midlands Motorway Hub study, to solve congestion issues and unreliable journey times on this critical part of the network.

We have made 10 recommendations which, if delivered over the next 20 years, could unlock up to 50,000 new jobs and 50,000 new homes, by improving business-to-business relationships, reducing travel costs and delays, and improving the productivity of Midlands businesses.

You can read the full Summary Report here

Our recommendations:

  1. Improving digital information and signage to encourage use of M6 Toll
  2. Identifying opportunities for strategic Park and Ride schemes
  3. Looking at how improved connectivity to the west of Birmingham could stimulate economic growth and facilitate house building.
  4. Widening the M42 from Junction 3A to Junction 7.
  5. Creating an A46 Expressway as an alternative to journeys along the M5 and M42.
  6. Trialing HGV platooning on the Midlands motorway network.
  7. Further future-proofing enhancements to M42 Junction 6.
  8. Targeted improvements to M6 Junctions 2, 3 and 4.
  9. Ramp metering (installing traffic lights) on M5 at Junction 1 and Junction 2.
  10. Upgrading the M6 to smart motorway between the M1 and Junction 2.

“A vision for the future will help us to develop an investment strategy that addressees congestion on the Midlands network over the longer term.”

Jeremy Bloom,
Network Planning Director, Highways England

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