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The Midlands economy is worth £220 billion a year, and rising; we have a booming professional services sector and world beating manufacturing, automotive, logistics and agri-food businesses.

Our industries depend on reliable transport links to regional, national and international markets. To keep world-class brands here, and entice new ones, we need a long-term approach to addressing the 21st century challenges being placed on our road and rail networks.

And the small and medium sized enterprises that form the backbone of the Midlands economy are just as dependent on transport improvements to grow.

To make that case for investment more effectively, we are listening to and working with businesses to understand what they need to thrive.

Multi-national businesses with bases in the Midlands, like JCB, Bombardier, Boots, PwC and DHL, have told us how reliable and resilient transport links are vital to their long term future in the region. And they’ve joined dozens of other businesses, large and small, by pledging their support for the Midlands Connect strategy.

Through our partnerships with chambers of commerce and local enterprise partnerships, we’re speaking to business leaders every day about their transport priorities, listening to them and making sure our recommendations have their interests at heart.

Without the help and support of business, we can’t make a compelling case to government for regional infrastructure investment that raises productivity, supports the creation of new jobs and housing, and generates inclusive growth for the benefit of every resident of the Midlands.

Business: we're on your side. And we want you to be on ours.

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"Our site in Nottingham is an essential part of our distribution platform, so the Midlands is clearly an important hub. It gives us easy access to the rest of the country, so anything that reduces the cost, improves the environment and ensures ease of congestion, and better commuting and better distribution can only be good for the region."

Elizabeth Fagan, Managing Director,
Boots Walgreen

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