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Lincolnshire is a major international trade gateway. Improving connectivity to its ports and food producers is vital, not only for the Midlands’ economy, but for the country as a whole. Prioritising improvements to the A46 and East-West rail links are fundamental to Lincolnshire’s ambitious growth plans.


The Midlands Rail Hub will provide more trains between Lincoln, Nottingham and the West Midlands, cutting 10 minutes off the journey between Lincoln and Nottingham and 35 minutes between Lincoln and Birmingham. A key barrier to improving Lincoln’s connectivity is the conflict between north-south and east-west trains at Newark. We are working with TfEM and local partners to find cost-effective solutions to increase the frequency of services to Lincoln.

The completion of the eastern leg of HS2 will release significant capacity on the ECML, offering the opportunity to further improve services between Lincoln and London, together with better connections at Newark and Grantham. We are working closely with our partners, including the DfT and TfEM, to ensure the East Coast public-private partnership will deliver planned improvements and value for passengers and businesses in Lincolnshire and the East Midlands.


Midlands Connect works closely with the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, Lincolnshire County Council and businesses to identify their most pressing infrastructure needs. Businesses in Lincolnshire are optimistic about the future, which is why firms like Siemens continue to invest in their facilities. However, inadequate infrastructure is constraining development.

Our A46 corridor study makes the case for interventions to improve journeys between Lincoln and the Humber Ports. As well as upgrading the Newark Bypass, and associated A1/A46/A17 junction improvements, our work on defining the MRN for the Midlands has prioritised improving links to Lincolnshire’s ports, food producers and coastal resorts.


As part of the Midlands Connect partnership, Rutland is committed to supporting both Leicestershire and Lincolnshire by delivering sustainable housing and employment growth, and acting as an essential green lung that benefits their growing populations.

Regional overview

“Midlands Connect is providing the means to identify projects that are relevant both to Lincolnshire and to other places in the Midlands. This is why we support the arguments for better East-West connectivity by rail, to bring some tangible benefits more locally from national schemes such as HS2. ”

Martin Hill OBE,
Leader of Lincolnshire County Council

55 million tonnes per year

goods handled at Immingham Port, the UK’s busiest.

35 mins

Lincoln-Birmingham journey time saving under Midlands Rail Hub plans

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